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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 22, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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she is due in court tomorrow. >> the father of an oakland rapper is going to las vegas for the task of bringing home his son. one of three people killed in the drive-by shooting and cash crash on the las vegas strip yesterday. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo; live with the latest. >> we watched the shooting unfold as breaking news we could not know it would hit so close to home. 27-year-old from oakland who went by kenny clutch was shot and killed while driving his mazurati on the strip yesterday morning. police say several men in a range rover opened fire on the car and he was shot and his car went out of control and crashed in a taxicab and several other cars. the cab exploded in flames killing the driver and a
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passenger. he said his son was not armed. >> this is something that you never really, really, ever want to experience as a parent to loss a child. >> the police believe he and the men in the range rover got in a fight at a hotel best shooting. police in three states looking for the shooters and the range would veto with a car dealer advertisement rather than plates and seen headed north from the shooting scene on las vegas boulevard. >> any minute we could heard if oscar pistorius could get bail while awaiting trial on murder charges. the magistrate will run -- rule after the prosecution wraps up the arguments. he is charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of
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his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. the defense claims he thought he was shooting an intruder. the lead detective was replaced after it surfaced he was facing attempted murder. >> the chief probation officer of san mateo county is facing child pornography charges. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the 61-year-old was charged with two felony counts of possessing child upon -- pornography yesterday. he was a chief probation officer until he retired. there was an investigation into the charges. he joined the department in 1977. >> group of students spent the night on the campus of city college of san francisco and camped out since yesterday afternoon. police let them stay overnight. they want the administration to put pressure on city hallm7k to keep the school open. city college is at risk of losing accreditation next month because of budgetary issues.
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students want to meet with administrators on ways to keep the school open. >> the ferry service is trying to solve problems that have had complaints over sold out boats and parking during the morning rush. the marin independent journal says transportation officials are considering several new ideas including building a new packing structure at or near the ferry terminal and adding another boat to accommodate human crowds. cornell bernard is talking with commuters about the proposals with their reaction coming up next half hour. >> a major silicon valley company could bring big bucks to mineta san jose international airport. today, officials will unveil a proposal to build a private hangar to house jets belonging to google's senior executives that would be used by other companies. this is expected to bring in $3 million a year to the airport.
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google houses planes elsewhere right now. >> state senator jerry hill has legislation to ensure california high-speed rail does not add new tracks through the peninsula. he has specific language to guarantee the high-speed rail runs on two existing tracks sharing with caltrain. officials have promised hill they would not add two additional tracks making it a total of four on the peninsula where many neighbors opposed idea. caltrain will run on electric power so it is compatible with the existing trains. >> mike, what do you have? >> a little bit of a change with the weather. we have progressive pattern on top of us and the jet stream will push a weak cold front tomorrow. before that, look at the sunshine today and temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday from mid-to-upper 50's
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along the coast to low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. as we look into what is happening outside right now, we are feeling temperatures that are warmer than they were yesterday. 39 at hayward, los gatos is 36 and fairfield and 38 in cop cord and san jose and napa is coldest at 34 and along 101 from santa rosa and novato and san francisco and mountain view in the low-to-mid 40's and 41 in fremont and 45 in antioch. temperatures are cooler tomorrow with a freeze developing but we will have sunshine and our warm of the day is looking to be sunday. the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. sue? >> we will go to abc7 app in redwood city at the intersection of seaport and bayshore a fatal accident with c.h.p. called. it is on surface streets and will affect you headed to the port of redwood city but
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otherwise it is not on the freeway and it will not have a huge traffic affect but the sig-alert is in effect. this is a free yap at the bay bridge toll plaza, some activity with emergency crews on the side on 880 fast track entrance but no delays. traffic is very light. just road work south 101 in san francisco central freeway has the ramp closed until 5:00 a.m. >> it is 4:38. thieves break in a luxury car dealership but were not after cars. it is what they made off instead that has police issuing a wanting to customers. >> heart stopping scene on the new bay bridge after a crane collapses. but first, the tech bytes. >> google challenges microsoft and apple offering touch screen
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versions of their laptop including new mix ills that rely on cloud-based software and oracle has a series of cyber aattend on major tech companies like apple and facebook and twitter. hackers right now see java the easiest way to break-in to systems. for $19 you get unlimited voice data and text on droid but there are tradeoffs. >> it only works with a single hand set that runs an older version of droid. >> those are the tech
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>> cupertino, napa and all the
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bay area this is abc7 news. >> and efforts to install a suicide bayer on the golden gate bridge, today they get a progress report. since 2010 officials have worked on a design town stall a net below the bridge. a state assembly man of san francisco wants new bridges in california to have suicide barriers and introduced legislation to do that. >> and a crane collapsed under the new bay bridge. we were over the scene after the lunch-time accident yesterday. you can seat twisted metal that was attached to a barge. no one was injured. crews used the crane to remove steel from under the bridge east of the island. people on treasure island her the crash. >> the crane was gone when i turned. the scaffolding was falling over. it fell off the bridge on to the barge. >> pieces were coming down, the
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crane was tottering and it fell down. >> there was no damage to the bridge and the accident is not expected to delay the opening of the new eastern span 192 days away. >> police say whoever broke into a mercedes dealership in walnut creek was not after luxury cars. they were after something that could prove much more valuable. this is what they made off with. >> my husband jokes they have everything but a key to the front door. social security, bank information. >> allison is worried being the victim of identity theft. she leased her mercedes in august and gave her personal information. everything was fine until she got a call. >> they said any customer in the last year or so that has purchased, leased, or gotten a low nor car is at risk of having their identity stolen. >> one person break into mercedes benz of walnut creek
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february 8. employees declined to make statement but this an e-mail said those responsible pried on the door and another locked door where they broke into locked file cabinets and removed customer information. 2,000 to 3,000 customer files were stolen and her information was among text. >> i am shaking because i have no idea how bad it can be. >> police are working with other ages and pursuing multiple leads. a few customers have reported unauthorized credit card applications. >> mercedes benz is offering to pay for one year credit marketing but the woman wants them to include the other two credit burrows and for a longer period. >> my information is out there and it should be longer. who knows what someone will do in the future with that information? >> travel is expected to be a challenge today for millions in
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the heartland now in the grips of the winter storm. the massive blizzard marched to chicago and the upper midwest is the next target that dumped 1.5' of snow in kansas. crews are working to clear hundreds of cars that is expected to bring another round of rain and snow this weekend. the heavy snow strand add united jet in wichita after arriving from denver. the plane got stuck on the taxi way. crews came out to clear a path while passengers were served cookies. the plane was towed and everyone got east plane after half an hour delay. seeing how long people have been stuck during weather delays that because not too bad. >> our weather will be okay tomorrow with the new year celebration and a big parade if san francisco at night and in 9 daytime i am in redwood city for a family friendly celebration. >> the weather will be fine. cooler and breezy and the reputation of raining on the parade is not going to pan out
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today. it is 4:45 on this friday and live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is out there this morning. the lights were just turned off. we need their schedule. it does show you that it is calmer this morning than yesterday morning. right now temperatures are run 42 in san francisco and oakland is 41 and san jose is 39 and 38 in walnut creek and mill valley is 37 degrees. here is what will happen with the forecast cycle. today, a lost sunshine again. it will be warmer than it was yesterday. we have a pull back in the temperatures tomorrow. the warm up begins on sunday. that will lead to an extended period of warmer-than-average temperatures by a few degrees and dryness. we will not see any wild temperature swings but when we get dot mid-to-upper 60's that
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is spring like. the big system looks impressive and we get the tail end of it tonight and tomorrow. that is why there is a possibility of a sprinkle out of this system. that is it. otherwise, we have the dry pattern into next week. now, our temperatures today, we start in the south bay, the santa clara valley, from 62 in cupertino to 64 in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and headed to santa cruz, 66, and 61 at san mateo and to the south, throw mid 60's and 58 in millbrae and 55 at half moon bay 58 in south san francisco. low-to-mid 60's through the north bay and a great time to go up to your wine country and upper 60's or upper 50's to low 60's along the east bay shore and people in livermore are upset when you talk about napa all the time, because they have good wine, too, 60 in san ramon. lows tonight with the cloud
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cover they will be up and mild and no need to worry about frost. upper 30's in santa rosa and napa is as cool as it gets and low-to-mid 40's for the rest of us and mid mid-to-upper 40's ane bay shore. with the cool breezes we drop into the mid-50's at the coast and upper 50's to low 60's for the rest of us and we push back in the upper 50's at the coast and hang there for the better part of the forecast and a 70 showing up by next thursday in the bay and inland. >> in the san mateo bridge, what do you say? we have a nice bring from the toll plaza, flat section, high-rise, over to 101 and san mateo area, and everyone is at limit here, no delays, very clear morning for you, just overnight road work, southbound 101, it begins on the hill with the right lane blocked at mill valley and the north span of the golden gate bridge there is road
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work until 6:00 a.m. and westbound dumbarton the road work will be picked up in ten minutes or so. kristen? >> former nebraska senator hagel has secured the necessary votes to become the next defense secretary. hagel won the last needed vote yesterday when alabama senator shelby gave his support. a vote is expected next week. 15 g.o.p. senators urged president obama yesterday to withdraw his nomination saying hagel lacked bipartisan support and the confidence to do the job. >> president obama is welcoming japan's new prime minister to the white house today arriving in washington, dc, yesterday, and is the 5 the prime minister of japan since president obama took office. they will meet today at a time of high tension stoked by a territorial dispute between japan and china. he is a keen advocate of stronger relations withed withed with, that remain key to policy in asia. >> not korea will allow phoners
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to visit to tweet, skype, and serve the internet on their cell phones or other mobile devices. the big decision follows last month's visit by google executive chairman. a mobile link provider will launch a network by march 1 available only to foreigners, not to those living in north korea. >> they are taking to the street to demand action on immigration reform. why these students say their families are suffering. >> an out of this world opportunity, your chance to hang out with the crews of the internatio almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over.
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>> welcome back. in the south bay authorities are looking for a man who pulled a string of bank robberies. the sheriff has released these surveillance videos of a muscular white man wanted for five bank holdups in five weeks
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in san jose, santa clara, cupertino and saratoga. >> man assaulted a woman from japan who was an exchange flu because she would not talk to him. the man grabbed her and she broke free but he chased her until they came across another person and he ran away. >> bay area activists say they intend to step up the pressure on the white house and congress to pass immigration reform. students in several colleges organized a march to the federal building in san jose last night. they say a change in immigration law is long overdue and they say the dream act is a start but not enough. it with grant legal status to young people brought to the country illegally by their families. >> i feel like it is not fair i
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have it and my parents don't and they sacrificed their life to give us a better life. they deserve it as much as i do. >> organizers say the rally is only the beginning and they are would being to get a record turnout for the national day of action may 1. >> do you know how impressed i am by mike nicco? we are always impressed but is it something special? >> he asked for the bay bridge lights and, bam, they are back on. >> would knew you had the power? >> wish it were true, but, let's see if we can get them dancing. the radar shows over the entire state it is quiet this morning. we will look at the forecast if you are traveling around our highs today along the coast are 53 in eureka with showers and vine in monterey and mid-60's through the central valley and mid-to-upper 60's with sunshine
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around los angeles and tomorrow's light dusting of snow for the sierra. today, though, it will be partly sunny and 49 in tahoe. get there today if you can because tomorrow it will be snowing. >> good news for the skiers, right now no chains required on 50 or 80 and closer to home in redwood city this is the app, seaport boulevard at east bay shore an overnight fatal accident has c.h.p. issuing a sig-alert if this area which is off of 101 and not affecting the freeway but affecting you if you are headed to the redwood city port. they are asking you avoid the area. the app is free at apple app and google play. north 880 and southbound from embarcardero to fruitvale, the work will be picked up on the street in a few minutes. >> getting teaching credential could soon be easier to let college students qualify while earning their bachelor's degree in education.
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right now they need to complete a one-year graduate teaching program in addition to a degree. they would be placed with teachers in the community mid-way law college. training with experienced educators improves a new teacher's skills. >> the flu vaccine is not a big help for one group according to the centers for disease control it is only 9 percent effective in protecting seniors again the most common and dangerous flu bug. it was a moderate 56 percent overall for all ages. experts say the preliminary reports are highlighting the need for a boater -- better vaccine. the worst of flu season is season. >> bottle nosed dolphins called named of loved ones when separated, the first animals other than humans who call names
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they use signature sounds. >> google plus users have an out of the world opportunity, with nasa letting you talk with astronauts on the international space station from 7:30 to 8:30 our time. the american astronauts will answer questions about life on the station. if you would like to watch the chat session it is streamed on nasa's google plus and the nasa television youtube channel or our when at for a link to those sites. >> a rare opportunity. >> the ferry is a big lit with north bay commuters which is creating the problem. straight ahead, why commuters may end up paying for the ferry's success. >> he spent seven years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. today, the nightmare could come to an end.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> action on this friday. i do think mike is all powerful. >> because? >> he asked them to dance and they are dancing on the bay bridge. >> now, the forecast? >> i know the movie "oz" is coming out and i went to college in kansas, and i would be flattering if they are watching. our temperatures as you stem outside, dress for 38 in walnut creek and 34 in pleasanton and
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union city is 39 and palo alto at 35 and 36 in saratoga and low-to-mid 40's around richmond and belmont and 48 in the financial district. headed in the afternoon, we will have mostly sunny conditions and slightly warmer and breezy along the coast with mid-to-upper 50's and calmer for the rest of us and low-to-mid 60's. >> happy friday, everyone, nice drive so far as you make your way, 80 westbound to emeryville and the macarthur maze a few headlights but light with no problems. same with the golden gate bridge but there will be road work on the north portion of the span picked up in the next half hour. road work as you make your way southbound up and over to mill valley and the lane closures at the top of the waldo for the road work. eastbound dumbarton until 6:00. >> 5:01. a commuter service is making ways, the larkspur ferry


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